Security Policies

Effective enforcement of security policies ensures that all network traffic and behaviors are continuously monitored, with deviations from the norm promptly identified and mitigated. By adhering to a well-defined policy, organizations can maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their systems and data.

Moreover, it acts as a deterrent against potential attackers by signaling a proactive and resilient security infrastructure. The templates not only streamline the protection of digital assets but also align with compliance requirements, thereby reducing legal and financial liabilities. Ultimately, it empowers the n.Scope NDR to deliver on its promise of safeguarding an organization's network by turning policy into practice, translating into a hardened security stance against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Supported Templates

NPC01 - Unwanted ProtocolNPC02 - Subnet WhitelistNPC03 - Trusted ProtocolNPC04 - Insecure Email ProtocolNPC05 - Device Whitelist

Security Policing Templates rely on the Network Protocols supported by the product. Check out the list of supported network protocols that can be used as parameters for this category of alert templates.

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