Denial of Service

What are Denial of Service?

The Denial of Service (DoS) Alert Template Category within the n.Scope Network Detection and Response (NDR) product documentation provides an essential overview and actionable guidance on recognizing, managing, and mitigating DoS attacksβ€”a form of cyber threat where attackers aim to make a network service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic or flooding the system with requests.

These attacks can cripple networks, disrupt service operations, and cause significant business impact. The template category details the signature patterns and anomalies that n.Scope's NDR system is designed to detect, which may indicate an ongoing or imminent DoS attack. By leveraging real-time monitoring and analysis, along with threshold-based alerting, the n.Scope NDR system alerts administrators to suspicious activities that could signify a DoS threat. The documentation also provides recommended configurations for thresholds and response strategies to minimize the risk and impact of DoS incidents.

Supported Templates:

DOS01 - DHCP StarvationDOS02 - AI Smart Alert - Distributed Denial of ServiceDOS03 - Excessive ICMP Rate

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