Command & Control

What are Command & Control Alert Templates?

The Command & Control (C2) alert category within the n.Scope Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform is critical for identifying and mitigating threats where attackers seek to establish a remote foothold within a network. C2 communications are a hallmark of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and botnets, where compromised systems are controlled by an external attacker’s server, often for malicious purposes such as data exfiltration, lateral movement, or further exploitation. The alerts in this category are designed to detect the telltale signs of such communications—irregular traffic patterns, suspicious outbound connections, or known malicious IP addresses and domains. By leveraging the n.Scope NDR's advanced analytics and threat intelligence, these alerts enable security teams to quickly isolate affected systems and disrupt the attackers' control channels.

Supported Templates:

pageCNC01 - Oversized UDP DNSpageCNC02 - Protocols Ports MissmatchpageCNC03 - BETA - Threat Intelligence Match

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